A conservative investment strategy

The Fund is designed to provide exposure to physical Gold Bullion. The Fund generates excess returns via a dynamic, proprietary investment overlay strategy whilst maintaining a fully de-risked investment profile. The Fund seeks to hedge investors’ capital against currency risks, inflation risks, geopolitical risks whilst adding diversification to an overall investment portfolio.

Investment strategy
The Fund invests in physical Gold Bullion (high purity, refined gold bars or ingots) held in the high-security Athena vault, “Airside” UAE.
Gold is purchased at the refining stage and then traded, daily, on the spot or futures markets to deliver superior risk adjusted returns.
The investment capital is protected, at all times, by keeping either the physical gold, or its equivalent value in USD or AED, within the Athena Vault. As an extra layer of downside protection, the client investment enjoys a guaranteed 110 % insurance coverage via Lloyd’s of London.

For regulatory reasons, the Investment may be allocated to an SPV or to a premium gold trade operator, against an ABS guaranteed by the above mechanism.

ESG (responsible gold) :
Only gold from sustainable mining operations, extracted and exported in accordance with OECD rules, is accepted.

Type : Open end Fund
Size : Up to 100 MUSD or 400 MAED
Investment category: ABL
Initial offer : 2023 July 1st - 2024 March 31st (nine months)
Regional coverage : UAE

General Partner : 4BIRDS Management SA
Administrative agent : OWL Advisory SA
LEI : 22210069KVDF6WJEHV48
ISIN : LU2692275675 - 4BAGOLD-USD-2-20
ISIN : LU2692275758 - 4BAGOLD-AED-2-20