FINANCING the creation of sustainable value chains in the extractive and natural resources industries.
Targeting in priority Minerals that participate in the energetic transition

KickStarter - Expected Q4 2023

a) The Fund invests recurrently in short term bonds, aiming to finance precious metals export transactions. The bonds are emitted by a renowned credit company and insured by a B+/A US insurance

b) The Fund participate in the provision of liquidities to companies owned by the Fund with the objective to secure access to stratregic minerals including Lithium, Copper, Palladium..

Scaling up investments : 50-100 MUSD Second Round

Targeting investments in mining companies that present a strong potential on short and mid term. The fund will focus on investments that participate in

  • Junior mining
  • mining and natural resources harvesting
  • the local processing of these materials.

The Fund will also co-invest in local development projects presenting a positive social and environmental impact for rural and post conflict areas.ooperation with development agencies

Fund details

Type : Open end Fund
Size : 100 MUSD
Investment category: Structured instrument and ABL
Initial offer : 01.01.2023
Regional coverage : Latin America and West Africa

General Partner : 4BIRDS Management SA
Administrative agent : OWL Advisory SA
LEI : 22210069KVDF6WJEHV48
ISIN : LU2581847857