FINANCING the creation of sustainable value chains in the extractive and natural resources industries

KickStarter - 2022

The Fund invests rcurrently in short term bonds, aiming to finance metals export transactions. The bonds are emitted by a renowned credit company and insured by a B+/A US insurance

The Fund participate in the provision of liquidities to companies owned by the Fund with the objective of recurrently financing trade activities.

Long term investment - Large scale deployment

1. Services Platforms :
The SubFund invests in services providers (the operator) participating in value chains focused on the agriculture and extractive industries space. The investment aims to provision liquidities and working capital to services platforms. The services platforms provide regular services to the exporters and importers operating along the GVC, against a fee paid on each transaction.

2. Infrastructures and equipment
Alternatively the SubFund finances Industrial and commercial companies supplying or operating equipment and infrastructures necessary for a sound but economically competitive production of commodities and goods in the natural resources or extractive industries. Investments are realized at the conditions that the infrastructure benefits to a service platform the fund invested in.The SubFund may also invest in BOT (Built Operate Transfer) projects in cooperation with development agencies

Fund details

Type : Open end Fund
Size : 100 MEUR
Investment category: Structured instrument and ABL
Initial offer : 01.02.2022
Regional coverage : Latin America

General Partner : 4BIRDS Management SA
Administrative agent : OWL Advisory SA