The Fund Contributes to the development of rural areas and to the enforcement of environmentally sound agricultural practices in Eurasia

UN Goal 2 sets the ambitious aim of eliminating hunger in the world.
European and Eurasian agriculture historically makes a two-fold contribution:

  • The common agricultural activites guarantees the availability of safe, nutritious and sustainably produced food for all Europeans.
  • European food exports contribute to food security in third countries.

The FourBirds Funds are focused on a holistic vision and broader goals targeting not only food production but also offering development opportunities to rural areas.

  • Improving agricultural performance and enforcing sound practices
  • Offering new market opportunities through the development of innovative farming activities targeting added value products including, but not limited to, resources for 2nd and 3rd generations bioenergies.
  • Investing in local processing facilities in order to create added value and employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • Combining these investments with Service platforms and export infrastructure development aimed at creating additionnal commercial opportunities on the Eurasian and Asian markets.

The SubFund "Agriculture in Eurasia" furthers the aims of several other SDGs, including goals 1 (ending poverty), 8 (decent work and economic growth), 12 (responsible production and consumption) and 15 (life on land).

Type : Open end Fund
Size : 200 MUSD
Investment category: Senior Debt and ABL
Initial offer : Q3 2023
Regional coverage : EU, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Central Asia

General Partner : 4BIRDS Management SA
Administrative agent : OWL Advisory SA