BIOFUELS as an immediate answer to climate change

The Subfund aims to promote the creation of decarbonated value chains by investing in industries that process Waste, Agricultural residues and Biomass to produce 2nd and 3rd generation BioFuels

The Subfund primarily targets industries that process :

  • Agricultural (straw, orchard´s pruning, hay) and animal residues (manure)
  • Forestry residues
  • Waste (urban, industrial, biodegradable municipal waste, selected waste from the food and wood industry)
  • Advanced materials for biofuel generation (Algae, Pongomia...)

to produce :

  • BioDiesel (HVO)
  • Bio JetFuel (SPK) and Green Naphta

Alternatively the SubFund will consider investments in Farming, Land Rehabilitation programs, and Algae growing plants, with the objective to secure the production of feedstock necessary to the production of Biodiesel.

Over 1 bEUR projects on the go...

The fund will conduct an active investment strategy aiming to build a leading network of biofuels refineries around the world.

  • Acquisition of existing biofuels refineries
  • Creation of new biofuel refineries
  • Upgrade of fossil oil refineries into biofuel refineries

30% of the investments will target the agricultural activities participating in carbon sequestration and the production of the biomass necessary to the refineries.

  • Acquisition or creation of farms producing advanced feedstock for biofuels production
  • Investment in waste management facilities

Type : Open end Fund
Size : Up to 1 bUSD
Fundraing rounds : Up to 360 MUSD in 2023
Investment category: Mezzanine Investment and P.E.
Initial offer : 01.07.2022
Regional coverage : South America, Eurasia, WestAfrica

General Partner : 4BIRDS Management SA
Administrative agent : OWL Advisory SA
LEI : 22210069KVDF6WJEHV48
ISIN : LU2581847691 & LU2581847774