Converting Biomass into Green Energy

The Subfund aims to promote the creation of decarbonated value chains by investing in industries that process Waste, Agricultural residues and Biomass to produce 2nd and 3rd generation BioFuels and Biocoals

The Subfund primarily targets industries that process :

  • Agricultural (straw, orchardĀ“s pruning, hay) and animal residues (manure)
  • Forestry residues
  • Natural conservation matter (urban maintenance of green areas, hay and shrubs)
  • Waste (urban, industrial, biodegradable municipal waste, selected waste from the food and wood industry)

to produce :

  • BioCoal
  • Bio Oil / bio Crude
  • Algal biofuels & Cellulosic Ethanol

Alternatively the SubFund will consider investments in Biofuels to Electricity conversion plants and equipment ensuring this conversion, especially Solid Oxyde Fuel Cell systems and Cogeneration systems. Any complementary sustainable energy resource may be considered.

The fund will target either Power plants operators and technology providers The ultimate clients are off grid industries and companies required energy and willing to operate according to green standards.

Type : Closed end Fund 5 years
Size : 250 MEUR
Investment category: Mezzanine Investment and P.E.
Initial offer : Q2 2022
Regional coverage : Latin America, Eurasia

General Partner : 4BIRDS Management SA
Administrative agent : OWL Advisory SA
AIFM : OWL Inclusive SA