Addressing environmental challenges through the improvement of industrial value chains
Addressing environmental challenges through the improvement of industrial value chains

A group of funds

We combine Impact Investments with Responsible Industrial Value Chains and Services Platforms to achieve better performances in our areas of expertise
Each domain or geographical area is served by a dedicated segregated fund under our global management.

Industrial grade performances & Environmentally sound practices

Benefiting from a board of executive members with an incomparable cumulus of experience in various industries, and of the continuous operational support of the EURASIA INDUSTRIES Group, the Four Birds Funds offer total control on investments.

Complete control of value chains

Industrial grade practices

Established export platforms

Technical Proficiency

Digital traceability

International presence

Submitting your project, Partnering with us...

We are always glad to cooperate with companies, entrepreneurs, development agencies, members of the civil society, proposing impact projects or willing to improve practices and environmental conditions.
We are seeking 10 - 100 MEUR projects related to agriculture, bioenergies, green energy production, water reclamation.


Number of active SubFunds


active since 2022.07.01

We Improve Global value chains to match ESG standards
We protect Humid zones
We protect Water resources
We rehabilitate land and forest
We promote education
We Improve sustainability in mining & farming

Our group of companies also runs direct impact initiatives around the world:

January 2022 : 4B-BSBIOS Ethical Farming

Promoting sustainable farming through land rehabilitation and production of 2nd and 3rd generation feedstock for biofuels production in complement of traditionnal crops production in Latin America

April 2021 : Ghana Gold Expo Digital Initiative

Promoting education and sustainability practices through the digitalization of mining settlements and mining GVC

March 2021 : Pamir region EcoTourism development

The Eurasia Industries group supports the Pamir Central Asia EcoTourism Initiative in Tadjikistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan

January 2021 : Afghanistan : Ethical Jewellery

In cooperation with Afghan Emeralds LTD, Olimining LTD and Ethical Stones NGO are investing in the creation of new jewellery industries in Afghanistan

August 2020 : Ghana : Mercury removal potable water

The Olimining Company signed an agreement with the Government of Ghana Western region to treat surface water using RO systems and aggregate Mercury using graphene

January 2020 : Green Guinea, Blue Niger Initiative

Olimining Global LTD and Olimining Guinea SARL, participated in various studies aiming to rebuild humid areas and natural areas along the river Niger, protecting 110 millions people.

November 2019 : Colombia : Mercury free mining

Ethical Stones NGO is working with local ASM mining companies to promote mercury free practices as well as OECD Guidelines.