Supporting the emergence of a global green economy through the convergence of Responsible industrial value chains and Infrastructure as a service platforms

Through the conglomerations of various specialized Sub-Funds and the coordination of their investment strategies, the FOURBIRDS FUNDS aims to address climate change and environmental issues, while consecutively increasing the performance of each Fund.

Relying on an existing group of services and infrastructures providers in the targeted fields and regions, the FOURBIRDS FUNDS bring unexampled support to each project its Sub- Funds invest in, while ensuring rigorous monitoring of each project and of their compliance with international and environmental standards.

This approach widens the investment possibilities by giving access to frontier countries besides traditional investments targets.

Focusing on services and infrastructure providers that participate in the promotion of value chains with strong economic and social impact, the Enforcement and improvement of ecological and environmental situation and Offer de-risked investment opportunities with competitive performance
Controlling and ensuring the project bankability by acquiring specialised business units operating directly on the field and assisting local operators, in order to mitigate the risk and ease the implementation in the target area